STOP chasing friends and family…

… And START Attracting People to YOU For A Change — (Here’s how)

Hi, I’m Josh.

I’m gonna show you how to create a smarter Network Marketing business right from the comfort of home.


Chasing friends and family.

Hosting awkward home parties.

Attending high pressure hotel meetings.


Soul sucking 3-way calls.

I can show you a better way.

A way that create’s the ultimate leverage for you and your business.

Can you imagine having a business that’s running for you every second of the day?

Sucking in leads, sponsoring new reps and producing sales on complete auto-pilot.

That’s the power of the internet.

The 3-way calls, home parties and hotel meetings work for some people but the truth is most network marketers fail using these old, out-dated methods.

Why is that?

 Well, simply because we run out of people to talk to.

So if that’s you, the person who is running out of people to talk to about your business?

Listen up, there’s still hope.

I know a faster, sexier way.

…And I’m going to share it all with you throughout the pages of this blog.

I’ve literally broken down the exact steps I take on a daily basis to get people coming to me.

Instead of me chasing them.

And the best part is…. these people are already interested in what I have to offer.

Doesn’t that sound a lot better to you?

So if…

Pounding the pavement

Hammering the phones


Making a list of your friends and family

Makes you wanna throw up when you hear it… this blog’s for you.

I’m gonna show you how to:

  • Create a simple blog (that Google loves) centered around your product/business/niche.
  • Easily find “buyer keywords” for your niche. (Find less competitive keywords and get ranked easier in the search engines)
  • Set up your blog to effortlessly capture leads and how to follow up with them on auto-pilot. (automation baby!)

It’s really as simple as that.

– Know/pick your niche.

– Do your keyword research to find what your target market is already looking for.

– Create content on your blog/website centered around the keyword research results.

– Have the right pieces in-place on your blog. (Which I’ll show you how to do)

– Get ranked in Google, provide value, sell a ton of shit.

Sound good?

Great! Here’s the deal… As a result of being on Page 1 for many different buyer keywords… people just like you find my content, read my valuable info and often click away on my affiliate links.

Some people “opt-in” to my email list.

Some people ask me questions in the blog post comments.

Some people just dip out never to be seen again. (And that’s okay too)

Some buy the products I promote right on the spot.

Either way, they’re coming to me.

And the “system” I have in place takes over.

(By the way, how’d you find this blog again? … *wink)

“Okay, now seriously think about how powerful this is for you and your business?”

A simple 2 minute Youtube video or simple blog post that provides value to your target market could potentially be seen by hundreds of thousands of people…

May who will buy your stuff or join your biz op!

The key is knowing how to do it and how to do it right. (This is where I come in.)

So no matter what company or product or business you’re promoting… you can “borrow” my proven startegies to increase traffic, leads, sign-ups and sales in your business.

Simply follow along and implement.

It’s all here for you.

Plus, you can reach out to me at anytime if you have questions.

Are you with me?

Cool! Now… before we move on I want you to do something for me.

Take 7 minutes and imagine your new future…

Imagine you’ve  just generated your first lead online and you received an email notification alert telling you the good news…

How did that feel?

Now imagine you’re getting 5 leads a day into your automated sales funnel… then 33 leads a day… then 67 leads every single day.

Now imagine the sales rolling in… messages start appearing on your cell phone non-stop!

Literally, laser targeted prospects with their credit cards out ready to buy coming to you all day every day.

On complete auto-pilot.

Leads, sales and sign-ups while you’re out doing whatever you want.

… While you’re on vacation with loved ones.

… While you’re out eating dinner with your friends.

… While you’re watching a freakin’ movie.

… While you’re hanging with your kids at the beach…

Dis Da Life Man

THAT’s what this shit’s all about! – (at least to me.)

Doesn’t that seem a helluva lot better to you?

Of course it does Josh!

It’s possible for you but only if you take action.

Are you ready to take action?

Are you ready to build a business while having a life?

Are you ready for a change and a better lifestyle?

Here’s what you need to do next:

Click Here to learn how to build your own Google friendly blog and dominate the search engines or Click Here to join my private video marketing mastermind group on Facebook. (And learn how to DOMINATE Youtube!)

Either way, jump on board! — you deserve it.

Looking forward to prospering with ya!